It's All in the Name

The Journey

Nature Goddess was a name that was stuck in my head for over a year - I just couldn't stop thinking about the idea and the name. It goes beyond just pure, environmentally friendly products; it's about empowerment for women and self-love. 

I had been searching for something that would allow me to act on all of the things I am passionate about:

  • Environment
  • Natural Health
  • Women's Empowerment
  • Art
  • Animals

When the idea came to me, I knew I had found it.

Why 'Goddess'?

The 'goddess' term comes from my experience with belly dancing. I have been belly dancing for over a decade - I fell in love with the dance because of the beauty, the femininity of the dance, and because it celebrated women of every shape and size! Growing up in the society we live in, where so much pressure is put on women to be perfect, I found the culture around the dance to be so freeing.    

I want Nature Goddess to capture that feeling of empowerment that women have when they dance an ancient and empowering dance like that. 

Struggling Artist

Using an art education after school is a challenge; you have to be ferocious in your pursuit. I love art and I told myself I would use my training as an artist no matter what. I spent a lot of time doing commission portraits - which was wonderful, but a hard way to make a consistent living. Long-story-short, life got in the way and I had to take jobs I didn't want to do.  I promised myself I would find a way to combine the things I loved into a career. So I did. 


When I had my daughter, it made me face all of the opinions I had about myself that I had learned from society.  It crushed me to think that my daughter would feel about herself the things that I had felt because I was held up to an unrealistic standard of beauty. It became so important for me to change my feelings toward my own appearance for the sake of her. Motherhood taught me about self-compassion and love, to a level I had never experienced. This made me even more determined to do something that would help other women to change their relationship with themselves. 

Health Struggles

I am not one of those people that has a naturally healthy body and perfect skin... In fact, it has taken me a long time to figure out my body and what it likes - but, because my body tends to be complex, it forced me to do my own research to figure out my issues. The traditional medical profession was of no help to me; they just wanted to give me anti-depressants and tell me it was all in my head. This pushed me towards natural health as a solution; and because of that I learned the amazing power of natural healing. I completely transformed my health and body. Because of this, encouraging others to heal their bodies naturally became a part of my purpose. 

Growing up Wild

I grew up on a horse farm in Central Maine. My childhood gave me an appreciation for hard work, resourcefulness, independence, dedication, and above all, a love for animals and the environment. Part of my mission for Nature Goddess is to protect the environment - through sustainability - and protect the animals that are being effected by what humans are doing to our planet.  

Bringing It All Together

All of these life experiences and passions have lead to every element of what makes up my mission for Nature Goddess. The picture is larger then just another natural skin-care company. I want every woman to take a look at how they consume, how they view their bodies, and how they effect change in the world around them. 

Nature Goddess